PPC is an internet advertising model used on search engines, advertising networks, and content sites, such as blogs, in which advertisers pay their host if and only when their ad is clicked. Every time someone clicks on your PPC ad, you pay the search engines for that click.
Offering total control over keyword targeting through ad content management, when combined with an intelligent SEO campaign by our PPC wizards, will indeed increase traffic thereby enhancing sales. For instance, if you are selling adventure holiday packages online through PPP ads, your ad will be displayed in a blog where a visitor has just searched for adventure holiday packages. Another visitor to this blog searching for exactly what you have advertised will in all likelihood click on your ad, visit your website and lured in by the discounts you have on offer, may indeed opt for one.

This is a typical example of the effectiveness of PPP ads for enticing traffic to your website and converting them to sales. However, it is best left to seasoned SEO experts like us to help you maximize your PPP ad advantage.

There are primarily two models for determining cost per click: flat-rate and bid-based. In the flat-rate model a fixed amount has to be paid every time a visitor clicks on the ad unlike in the latter. Nevertheless, the potential value of a click from a given source has to be carefully weighed against the business generated before opting for the right model.

Moreover, as displaying multiple ads is often permitted your PPC ads will require appropriate modifications from time to time to boost your ad appeal for them to be noticed by search engines. At Wilkinz, we offer all this and much more to ensure our clients receive value for money always. Our full-service PPC management services include:

Our full-service PPC management services include

Keyword research and selection
Competition analysis
Academic Calendar
Ad and landing page copywriting
Landing page design
Establishing target audiences
Creating logical ad groups
Portfolio bid management
Negative keyword specifications
Conversion measurement with detailed analysis and reporting


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