HTML Code Refining is a process where we analyze and review the code for all your web pages and simultaneously fix all the errors. During this process we will remove all the unwanted codes considered to be spam. We manually fine-tune each web page and remove redundant html codes, which are automatically created during the time of design.

Few of the sites designed using Front Page or other tools leave behind a lot of junk codes for search engines, which dilutes the keyword density, which is an important factor when it comes to ranking. We therefore use Macromedia Dream weaver considered to be the best website designing tool which gives a clear and structured code, making it very easy for anybody to understand.
Developing Meta tags is one of the most important and difficult tasks in the entire SEO process. Based on the ongoing analysis and keywords our SEO experts shall form an optimal class of Meta tags combining

Our SEOs ensure that these three tags are developed optimally to ascertain that most of your primary keywords are covered for your home page. All search engines give primary importance to the title of the website. So formulating a very brief yet complete title is essential to get a good ranking. This process will continue, where we develop Meta tags for each web page on your site concentrating on each product or service that is described on the page, thus covering a wide array of keywords.......


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